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    Server Opening


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    Server Opening

    Post by Hakuren on Sat May 01, 2010 7:15 am

    Good news freeran addicts!! The long awaited return of freeran will now end.

    Freeran2k10 will have its opening debut tomorrow (May 2, 2010).

    Get ready for the release of the client and ready yourself for a new challenge and entertainment.

    Freeran2k10 will implement these new/changes:

    *Max reborn = 100
    *Max stats = 30,000
    *Reward Stats every reborn = 300
    *Skills from level 1 - 277 including newbie skill are free
    *Max of 2 characters per account
    *Medium drop rate of golds and items
    *New pets (Bears, Cat, sorcerrer, etc.)
    *New Rings, bracelets, auras, and necklaces
    *New maps (Boss maps, north and south central, new leo, cube, etc.)
    *New mobs for levelling and boss for additional hunting experience
    *New Armor sets (white/dark angel, akatsuki, ichigo, cabal, emperor, etc.)
    *New weapons (RF, Titanium, Metallic, etc.)
    *Balance gaming to avoid boredom Smile
    *Scrolls from 287-300 and PUM will be available soon
    *Destiny Boxes (Bundles) will be dropped by High Bosses

    Want Item Upgrade?
    You still can Upgrade your Weapon Gold in Game for an Exhange...
    5b per 1 Upgrade !!
    Just PM Admin Davey for your Request

    Additional Info...
    You will only be a Mix Class if you reach max RB...

    Small explanation about the reborn system:

    -Our new reborn system (automatic reborn) will wipe out all of your remaining and distributed stats. In return, your character will be given 300 reward stats instead.
    The computation will be 300 x number of reborns = actual stats
    So expect to have 30,000 stats after achieving the max reborn.

    -Ang bago nating reborn system ay automatik na. Kapag ang level mo ay 300 na reconnect ka lng at automatik magrereborn kana back to lvl 1. Ung 900 stats na nakuha mo sa 3 stats per lvl ay mawawala kapag nagreborn ka, at ang matitira ay 300 stats lamang sa stats remain. Ganito ang mangyayari: 1 RB = 300, 2 RB = 600 stats, 3 RB = 900 stats suma total pagdating mo ng max RB ay meron kang 30000 Stats + 900 sa stats per lvl.. Ginawa namin to para maalis ang bug at maging balance ang Game..
    Walang OverPower Stats at OverPower Items..

    Enjoy the game and happy gaming Smile



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