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    Client setup problem


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    Client setup problem

    Post by Dante on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:35 am

    Hi I have problem to get in the game. I have download the 3 part client at megaupload freeran.rar, data.rar and textures.rar. After that I download the PatchV.1 file and after that the Updated Launcher. First I extracted the 3 Client parts in to my Free RAN map after that I extracted the PatchV.1 patch and after that I extracted the Updated Launcher to the same folder. Now I have two freeran launchers. One is FreeRan.exe and the other is FreRan Launcher I run the game with the FreeRan.exe file from the Updated Launcher patch and when the game comes to the server selection window it says: Interne is disconnected! Do you want to reconnect it again? Im useing Windows Vista. It cant be the Firewall becouse I cheked it and it lets the game through so I realy dont know what to do more pls help I realy wanna play FreeRan again.

    PS the Launcher dosent update anything it joust says ewrything ok so I can start the game


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