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    FreeRan Online

    Post by [FM]Daine on Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:50 pm

    We the FreeRan Team are proud to bring you our new Ran Online Private Server. We made this server just for fun and having a nice community in game. This Server is for FUN not for FUND.. We've made this FreeRan server for everyone to enjoy in game.. No Donations. Items and Scrolls are Free for All....
    Yes It is forever Free to play. FreeRan is an EP4-EP5 server with Mixed Class And Pet System.. Reborn at lvl 259 and be a FreeRan Mixed Class after your 3rd Reborn.. High EXP and Drop Rate..
    To have those Super Cool items that are for donation in other server, here in our Server, you just have to participate in our Events and WIN those items for free.. YES !!! The Upgraded weapons and armors are the price in our events.. So I Encouraged everyone to be addict and active...
    Always be addict and be active and updated in our forums. Some of the Contest are in the forum not in game, so u need to be always updated in our forums.. All your questions and reports should be posted in the forums. Dont do the asking and complaining in game with the Free Ran Team Staffs. You'll just waste your time. Free Ran Team Staffs will never entertain you
    We Dont Allow Players Begging for golds and items in our FreeRan Team Staffs.. Please, This is a free server so we dont allow it here..
    Thanks for always supporting FreeRan Online. We the FreeRan team are doing our best to satisfy you our beloved players. We are not here when your not with us. Keep Voting for our server.
    A big thanks to our beloved Administrators Davey and Marlon for creating such a very nice and good Ran Server.. Also a big thanks to our FreeRan Team Staffs in keeping and helping manage the Server and keeping the nice community inside...

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